5 important habits for budget travelling

Exploring new places is an exciting adventure that most of us love to experience. But we hesitate to take the first step towards travelling. There is n number of reasons for this. Money is definitely a factor.

As a travel blogger, I do get the opportunity to explore new places. Being able to travel frequently is not easy, you need solid planning and a few tricks up your sleeves to travel on a budget. Imagine if every vacation of your creates a path for the next one. With technology on your fingers tips and being practical, logical and resourceful can make most of your trips.

Through my blog, I would like to share simple tips that I learnt from my personal experience and from my fellow frequent travellers.

1.Be a loyal customer

When travelling we spend a major share of our money on transport be it aeroplanes, buses or train. Transport takes up most of our money. The best way one can save money on transport is by registering to reward program.

This is a wonderful way to save a ton of money and also earn points that can be redeemed late. On every rupee, you spend you earn points. Pick any one airline of your choice and fly with them frequently. Doing this will help you earn enough points that can be used to buy a free ticket for your next vacation.

Also apps like MakeMyTrip, redbus.com etc has money-back offers and attractive discounts for loyal customers on the flight, bus and train tickets.

2.Avoid fancy hotels

We all love luxury, no doubt about it. But when travelling don’t forget to priorities your requirements. Book hotels that offer comfort over luxury. Save the money spent on booking luxurious hotels and use the same on activities. Book airbnb’s and hostels where your breakfast is included. In this way you don’t have to worry about important meal of the day.

Also when visiting a place try local food, use local transport this is a simple and effective way to save huge amount of money that you can spend on booking your next vacation.

3.Research the place you are travelling

Before you start your adventure, research the place your visiting. Make a list of all the activities you want to do and places you want to visit.

Go through the official website of the place you want to visit, book tickets and passes well in advance. Being able to book entry tickets and other passes means you need not wait in long ques or pay extra.

This trick is pretty useful, it save time that you can spend visiting an extra place or just relax.

4. Talk to a local person or someone who has visited the place previously.

After you decide on the place you want to visit start looking for someone who can give you inside information on the place. Today online forum has been an amazing help, a ton of travel blogger and other adventure-seekers share their experience through social media and blogs. Check out these pages and blogs, as you can find useful information such as budget, places to eat, spots to explore and things to carry while going on a trip.

Having a clear idea of what to expect while visiting a particular place is a huge advantage.

5. Spend wisely

When on a vacation there is the tendency of going overboard while shopping and spending money unnecessarily. Make it a rule of buying only one souvenir per trip. Carry home your experience and memories rather than bags and bags of gifts.

Also when packing for a trip be a minimalist. Try carrying one piece of language per person. Wear comfortable clothes while on the road and get dressed as per the season. If possible repeat your outfit, mix and match and most important of all do not go shopping for an outfit or other necessities during vacation.

Avoiding shopping on vacation for clothes, cosmetics and other necessities. This saves money, time and energy

Bottom Line:

Travelling is an individual preference, understanding tiny things that saves your time and money while road is beneficial. Rewards, pre-booking, online purchase of passes, research are a practical way to plan a budget vacation. Let your trip enrich you with memories than with luxury.

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