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Time is what we want most but what we use worst. There is no doubt that for the successful running of any business or household time management is important. A day well spent is a day where you get things crossed off from your do list. Time management is easier said than done, in order to succeed in time management it is necessary to bring about changes in our lifestyle and the way we do our work.

 5 ways to manage your time effectively 

 1. Planning: No matter what your dealing with, planning is always important. The first mistake that we do stuff without any plan, we just starting cleaning or working on a project without any prior plan. This may work for some but it takes more time than required to complete it. If you undertake a task unplanned your likely to be distracted from it more than usual. List your task and allocate each day to one particular task,by doing so you wouldn’t end up doing same thing everyday.

 2. Allocate time for family, social media and friends: All work no play is not recommended, we all need a break from our work and daily routine to have fun in life, put down your phone for a 30 minutes every day and do something you love, read a book, go for a run, walk your dog or just sit down and have a cup of coffee. Allocate time to your family, do not be tied down with household work, when your family is at home, forget about your chores and try and spend some quality time with them. Usually, on Sundays keep your calendar free form chores or work-related stuff and use the day to relax. Apart from family friends are also important, once a month go out with your friends, have lunch together or do something that you all enjoy. Adding me time and family time into your schedule is a healthy way to manage time.
 3. Practice Batching: Batching is grouping all similar tasks together under various heads like writing, editing, follow up, communication errands, travel, social media, household chores, errands, me time etc. This will help you from switching between task and keeps your mind confused. Batching helps you not only stay on the task on hand but also productive throughout your day. 
 4. Develop a morning routine: Do not wake up to open your phone, check your emails or start with household work. That is not healthy and its a bad start to your day. Start developing your own morning routine consists of exercising, listening to music, reading, playing with your kid or praying. Morning routines like this will help you stay refreshed and productive for the rest of the day. The first thing to do before start working is a brain dump, write all the stuff to want to achieve in your journal or a sheet of paper and focus only on those projects.
 5. Be the judge of your calendar: Time management does not necessarily mean writing down or jotting your schedule in a calendar, trust me this will not work. Please do not plan your day to a minute, this will add unwanted stress on yourself, let every day of your calendar have some free time to relax and invest in yourself. Be the judge of your time and how you want to use it. 
 One thing you cannot recycle is time, once lost its gone. So be a wise judge and use time productively. There is n number of tips and books that help you achieve it, but take small steps and follows only those tips that work for you, do not get overwhelmed by them.

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