My love for stoles

Hey readers, before even I start writing I would like to thank each and everyone of my reader out there for love and support that you are showing, thank you so much. I really enjoy reading your comments and replying to them. So please keep sending me messages and share your thoughts.

Now coming back to the blog, in this blog I am writing something a little different. It’s related to fashion, basically I would like to talk about stoles and why I love wearing them.

Stoles as such are versatile accessories, they are available in different materials. I personally love the cotton ones, they are soft and comfy to wear for long hours.

Especially when you are living in a city you need a stole to cover your hair and face from pollution. There is this brand known as ”stole for women”. This brand makes stoles that are apt for any style. The best part of a stole is that you can wear them as dupatta with Indian attire.

I usually avoid heavy dupattas, as they are not easy to carry for long hours. On the other hand, a stole is lightweight and can easily be carried for a longer period of time.

These days we get stole in chiffon material, which is the best party wear. One important reason why I prefer stole is that I can cover myself with it, especially when its sunny outside. An added advantage of stoles are that they protect us from getting tanned. This may sound silly but has been working for me from a long time.

In addition to all this, stole can be used to accessorise any dress style form jeans to Indian suits. Imagine on a lazy Saturday when you have to go out for brunch with your friends. But you are in no mood to dress, in those situation all you need is a a pair blue jeans with plain white top and a cute stole around your neck. Isn’t that simple and elegant. That’s exactly what stoles are they are simple to carry off and gives us a look that we desire.

I have a good collection of stole, most of the time irrespective of season I wear a stole.

This brand called stole for women, has released exclusive party wears, do check out their site. Link: and in case you like something then before you place an order use Code : RAKSHA for extra discount.

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