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Hey readers, before even I start writing I would like to thank each and every one of my readers out there for love and support that you have been showing, thank you so much. I really enjoy reading your comments and replying to them. So please keep sending me messages and share your thoughts.

Now coming back to the blog, in this blog I am writing something a little different. It’s related to fashion, basically I would like to talk about stoles and why I love wearing them.

Stoles are a versatile piece of accessories, which can be worn in different styles. Stoles are available in different materials, colours and patterns. I personally prefer stoles made out of cotton. I just love how they are soft and comfy to wear for long hours.

Especially when you are living in a city you need something to cover your hair and face from pollution. For me that something is definitely a stole. Most of the time I never step out of the house without one

The best part of a stole is that you can wear them as dupatta with traditional Indian attire. It may not sound fancy but it’s practical. I usually avoid heavy dupattas, as they are not easy to carry for long hours. On the other hand, a stole is lightweight and can easily be worn for a longer period of time.

These days we get stole in chiffon material, which is the best party wear. One important reason why I prefer stole is that I can cover myself with it. During summers it protects against getting tanned and in winters it acts as a muffler.

In addition to all this, stole can be used to accessorise any dress style form jeans to Indian suits.

One instance: imagine on a lazy Saturday when you have to go out for brunch with your friends. But you are in no mood to get dressed in such a situation all you need is a pair of blue jeans with a plain white top and a cute stole around your neck. Isn’t that simple and elegant. That’s exactly what stoles are they are simple to carry off and gives us a look that we desire.

I own a good collection of stoles made out of cotton, chiffon, wool, Lenin and etc. I usually buy them from brands like lifestyle, reliance, max and etc. But recently I discovered a new brand that exclusively makes stoles. This brand is called stole for women, they offer a huge collection of stoles under various categories.

The brand has released exclusive party wears stoles that are so pretty. The pic you see on this blog is a stole I bought from the brand. It’s so soft and the embroidery on it is clean and beautiful. Do check out their site. Link: and in case you like something then before you place an order use Code : RAKSHA for extra discount.

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